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Prescriptive analytics technology recommends actions based on desired outcomes, taking into account specific scenarios, resources and knowledge of past and current events. This insight can help your organization make better decisions and have greater control of business outcomes.

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Benefits of Predictive Analytics

Takes insight to the next level by suggesting the optimal way to handle a future situation. Organizations that can act fast and make superior decisions in uncertain environments gain a strong competitive advantage.

IBM Decision Optimization powerful analytics to solve tough planning and scheduling challenges.

Improve operations

Optimize product planning, reduce inefficiencies, drive smarter operational decision-making.

Manage resources efficiently

Better utilize: capital, personnel, equipment, vehicles, facilities.

Mitigate risks

Gain insight into how decisions can have business-wide impacts and hedge against data uncertainty.

To boost manufacturing efficiency, Continental Tires is using a cutting-edge solution based on IBM Decision Optimization Center to optimize production across 20 plants . Continental zooms ahead of competitors by preventing production bottlenecks.

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