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Managed reporting lets developers create powerful, feature-rich reports that are designed from the top down and shared with the company. Managed reporting’s goal should be to leverage BI technology as efficiently as possible to ensure that end-users achieve the company’s strategic and tactical goals.

Managed reporting helps you achieve goals such as:

Spotting untapped potential

in product lines, customer segments or territories, with tools like interactive heat maps.

Ensuring that components are ordered on time

Such as lead-time and in-stock level report with actionable reordering alerts for critical items.

Identifying inefficiencies

Use features like dashboards, visualization tools, gauges and actionable key performance indicators (KPIs).

Maximizing sales reps’ face time with customers

By making reporting automated and mixing customer data with geographic maps to plot most profitable sales routes.

Report Bursting

Is a method of producing a set of reports containing personalized content that is based on a common report definition. Report bursting in Cognos Analytics streamlines information distribution. A report is created once, and separated out into multiple filtered report outputs that contain individualized content.

Active Reports

Are built for typical business users, so you can explore your data and gain insight. Active reports are an extension of the traditional IBM Cognos report. Leverage existing reports and convert them to active reports by adding interactive behavior, providing end users with an easy-to-consume interface.

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