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“85% of B2C companies report that they have experienced problems because they did not have a 360 Degree View”. The objective for B2C has to be more than just collecting and storing customer data; it also has to be accessible throughout the organization.


Over 51% of B2B Businesses do not have a Digital Strategy”, proving ROI is the top challenge this year for B2B marketers.

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You’ve heard of B2B and B2C - But what about B2i? B2B marketers and strategists are quickly adopting this emerging trend that puts their businesses in direct contact with their clients’ end-consumers: from business to individual.

Digital Transformation

  1. Defining the Change
  2. Choreographing the Change
  3. Empowering your People


A whopping 56% of your clientele fails to become returning customers if you don’t have an omni-channel strategy implemented.

Digital Marketing

At KPI Digital, our strategies are driven from more than the obvious.

Content Strategy

75% of companies are increasing content marketing investment, with 43% increasing staff levels. Do you know your strategy?

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Attribution Modeling

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Supply Chain

With the advent of emerging technologies such as cloud computing, big data and Omni-Channel Strategies such as endless aisle, the NEED for an SCM strategy is no longer a nice to have but a MUST have.

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Growth Strategy

Having an integrated marketing strategy will deliver a 50% higher return on marketing investment (ROMI) than those who do not.

E-commerce Architecture Strategy

A website is a big task to maintain, but what about building one, or replatforming? Where should you start? Do you know the right questions to ask? How do all the pieces fit together?

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Channel Budget Allocation

Where should I spend my money? How should I spend my money? Does PPC really give me the return I need?

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"The opportunities in mobile are enormous! Not being mobile-ready limits your brand's potential for growth."



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