Benny Cohen


As President of KPI Digital, Benny leads an innovative team with extensive Digital Transformation, Analytics and Performance Management expertise and experience. Benny has spent the last 35 years developing and implementing strategies and solutions for organizations in North America across multiple industries, including Retail, Insurance, Telco, Banking & Manufacturing. Benny and KPI Digital strive to help businesses grow by monetizing their data, understanding their customers, and aligning their business.

Lori Cohen

Vice President Marketing

As VP Marketing Lori brings more than 27 years of experience and expertise in improving customer experience, engagement and conversion strategies using a business analytics and digital marketing approach. Lori works closely with KPI Digital employees, clients and business partners to understand their needs and help them derive value from the wealth of information, services and solutions available to them.

Richard Langlois

Vice president Data, Analytics & Ai

As VP Analytics & Big Data, Richard is a leader, entrepreneur, architect and innovator. Richard spent the last 30+years in Analytics, Data Governance, Enterprise Architecture, Software Development and Big Data. His expertise enables him to continuously improve, manage and optimize our Analytics and Big Data strategies, solutions and offerings. Richard worked in multiple industries and some of his previous roles include Sr. Director of Analytics and Big Data at Yellow Pages, Enterprise Architect Adviser to several Financial institutions, Global Chief Architect at Tata Communications, and leader of the CapGemini’s Canadian Analytics Practice. While at Yellow Pages, he led the teams that won prestigious Big Data awards (Octas in 2015 and Data Impact Award, Strata & Hadoop World, NYC 2016). Richard is a frequent speaker at various Big Data & Analytics events.

Micheline Nasra

Planning Analytics Practice Leader

As Planning Analytics Practice Leader, Micheline has over 30 years of experience in financial and operational business processes. Micheline has a natural ability to communicate with managers at all levels, from small businesses to multinational corporations. She leads a team of consultants, who deploy various solutions such as Financial Planning, Operational Planning, Sales, Production, S&OP, Purchasing, Human Resources, Capital planning, Financial consolidation, Reallocation of expenditures and Demand Planning.

Poonam Arya

Director of Finance

As Director of Finance Poonam is a CPA, CGA accountant with extensive accounting experience in private and publicly held companies in diverse industries, including Software, Pharmaceutical and Distribution. She brings more than 15 years' experience to KPI Digital in and provides strategic analyses to help determine project and company profitability.

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