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    Annual detail perspective of the objectives and goals for the first year.

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Budgeting creates a baseline against which the following years results will be measured. It is used to set guidelines for expenses. It also helps in determining potential compensation and cashflow for the following year.

Create and collaborate on budgets that align to corporate strategy, predict revenue and forecast return on investment.

Track your budget and forecasts, commitments and actuals for a real-time view of your spend, and reallocate as needed.

Integrate with CRM, Finance, and other operational data to get complete visibility into ROI.

Did you know

Rolling up your results according to your business structure, provides you with the insights you need to make better decisions about future investments.

Provide assurance
to the board of directors and management that the company is on track to achieve the medium-term strategic plan/vision.

Provide a set of measurable metrics
at various levels of the hierarchy to effectively evaluate individual and team performance.
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