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A scorecard is a data visualization tool that helps you reach goals by displaying progress toward your objectives against the objectives themselves.

Did you know

95% of typical workforce does not understand it's organization's strategy.

The Balanced Scorecard

Measures that drive performance -- It creates strategy maps, impact diagrams, and other elements to provide a comprehensive view of performance.

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It's used by small and large corporations alike.

56% had less than 500 employees.

Strategic Planning is used to

  • Communicate what the company is trying to accomplish
  • Align the day-to-day work that everyone is doing with strategy
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4 ways the Balanced Scorecard helps your company

  1. Further analyze your operational strategy.
  2. Grow your bottom line by looking at other metrics.
  3. Align your strategy and your tasks.
  4. Change what you do so it aligns with your mission.
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