• Value Based Performance Management

    An approach to align decision making based on shared performance objectives.

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VbPM identifies and concentrates on the most valuable measures and KPI's across all departments

VbPM facilitates aligned decision-making based on shared performance objectives. It links the execution of your business activities to strategic business objectives.

Use dashboards to visualize, measure and monitor operational, financial and strategic KPIs.

Gain insights and visibility into your performance, linked to your strategic objectives and goals.

Get foresight into future performance and the ability to optimize the forecasts and improve future outcomes.

With VbPM, you start with a slice of the organization, link tasks to goals and objectives and link objectives to mission statements. All this to identify which tasks are the most valuable and which tasks will have the most impact on your objectives.

Using VbPM, metrics are mapped to value areas, linked to TM1 to implement operational plans and to Cognos BI to see the variance between targets and actuals.

To survive, every organization has to be good at four disciplines

  1. Customer Intimacy
  2. Intimacy
  3. Operational Excellence
  4. Product Leadership
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